From the Editor: May 2000

It's a question we're often asked: which should I buy, an American or a European-built boat?

It’s a question we’re often asked: which should I buy, an American or a European-built boat? As with all such questions a few gentle enquiries is usually all it takes for the questioner to provide his own answer, since in decisions as emotive as those of boat buying, I think we’re all probably guilty of making our minds up first and then trying to tailor the research to justify our decision.

But it’s a fascinating subject, particularly now, when the Europeans are beginning to make headway in the US market and US boatbuilders are increasingly adopting European styling trends – and even, with the increasing efficiency of lightweight diesels, European propulsion ideas.

There’s no easy answer, but as in all heavyweight bouts there can only be one winner. So which way did the judges on Europe’s leading motor boat magazine vote? You’ll have to read the article to find out – but you might be surprised by the result.

IF I DIDN’T live in London and have a view out onto the Thames from my eyrie here at MBY Towers, I’d want to visit the capital by boat. At the moment my choice of a London berth would be between St Katherine Haven and Chelsea – excellent options in their own different ways, but neither is exactly convenient for the South Bank or West End. Why can’t I moor at the Festival Hall or at Westminster? There’s lots of water out there and hardly any of it is being used. Buy the magazine, read the article and let us know your views.