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Normandy cruise 2001

Normandy cruise 2001

MBM Normandy cruise day 1: weather stops play

The ongoing march of lows across Britain may possibly have saved the English cricket team but this fit of depressions has left the 26 craft on the MBM Cruising Club fleet stumped, at least temporarily, in its bid for French waters (20 August 2001).

MBM Normandy cruise day 2 & 3: on a high and nearly on schedule

Two elements of the Motor Boats Monthly Club cruise in company to Normandy have today (Tuesday 21 August) performed something of a pincer movement to link up with an advanced scout at Dives-sur-Mer, making a fleet of 22 craft out of the original 26 due to take part (21 August 2001).

MBM Normandy cruise day 4: hopping from Dives to Deauville

The 22 cruisers of the Motor Boats Monthly fleet enjoyed a relaxing morning at Dives-Sur-Mer before hopping along the coast just a few miles eastward to neighbouring Deauville today (22 August).

MBM Normandy cruise: days 5-7 full report

In a cruise of contrasts, the participant boats of the Motor Boats Monthly Club Normandy fleet have enjoyed a short coastal hop to Le Havre, a long river run to Rouen and a day off, all in scorching temperatures (26 August 2001).

MBM Normandy cruise: days 8-11 full report

The Motor Boats Monthly Normandy Cruising Club fleet have now achieved all intended harbours on the itinerary, albeit in slightly different order, and are currently lying in the picturesque Normandy town of St Valery-en-Caux, much to the great interest of local residents (31 August 2001).

MBM Normandy cruise day 12-14: full report on the homecoming

All participant boats on the Motor Boats Monthly cruise in company to Normandy are safely home in UK ports after enjoying a two-night stay in the secret haven of St Valery-en-Caux (3 September 2001).