200 rescued from the Amazon River after motorboat sinks

A passenger boat carrying around 250 people has sunk in the Peruvian Amazon

200 people were rescued after a motorboat sank in the Amazon River, according to a report by the Peruvian radio station RPP.

The bodies of two Peruvian men, Antonio Sotelo Príncipe and Ana María Venturo, have also been recovered since the accident happened at 2am yesterday.

More than 20 people are said to have been injured and six of them are in a critical condition.

Most of the passengers were asleep when the motorboat Camila, sank as it travelled through the village of Santa Rosa, near the Colombian border. It reportedly had a hole in its hull.

According to survivors the 160-capacity boat was carrying at least 200 people at the time of the accident.

Due to the remote location official rescue efforts were delayed and preliminary rescue efforts were carried out by locals.

The Amazon is the largest river in the world and many people rely on passenger boats, such as the one pictured, to cross borders.