Adventurer abandons Rockall attempt after weather prevents boat landing

Nick Hancock has had to postpone his expedition to the island of Rockall, which lies 227 miles west of the Outer Hebrides, after poor weather prevented his boat from landing

A solo adventurer has had to postpone his planned 60-day inhabitation of the tiny island of Rockall after bad weather prevented him from landing his boat.

Nick Hancock, who first landed on the island last year, had hoped to return and live on the only occupiable area, known as Hall’s Ledge, which measures just 11ft by 4ft, to raise money for Help for Heroes.

The island is the core of an eroded volcano that erupted around 55 million years ago and lies 227 miles west of the Outer Hebrides and 267 miles from the nearest point on the Irish mainland.

On his Twitter page on 31 May Nick wrote: “Just back in comms & not great news, no success with landing due to

swell & no clear window in near future. Will assess options and


He finally conceded defeat on 2 June when he wrote: “Sadly now unlikely 2nd attempt on Rocksolo this year, but glad raised something for Helpforheroes. Thanks to all those who donated.”

View footage of Hancock’s first Rockall landing below.

Photo: Rockall gets battered by waves in this photo taken in 1943 by an RAF photographer