Angry swan attacks boats on River Cam

Reports have come in that a disgruntled swan has been exacting revenge on boaters near its nesting area on the River Cam

A swan nesting on the River Cam in Cambridgeshire has been attacking boaters that come too close to its nesting area.

The cob, which has been nicknamed ‘Mr Asbo’, is nesting with its mate at Ditton Corner on the River Cam in Cambridge. So far the bad-tempered bird has caused a single sculler to capsize and reportedly attacked a group of university rowers.

However, a spokesperson from the river’s navigation authority, the Cam Conservators, leapt to the swan’s defence saying that this kind of territorial behaviour is fairly normal during breeding season.

The spokesperson said, “The swan has caused one boat to capsize. Our advice to anyone going round this section of the river is to give it space and show due respect.”