Ark Royal could become security vessel for the Olympics

Plans are afoot to turn the recently retired aircraft carrier Ark Royal into a security vessel for the London 2012 Olympic Games

Plans have been put forward to move the retired aircraft carrier Ark Royal to London to act as a security centre for the Olympic Games.

Up to 20 sponsors have expressed an interest in acquiring the former Royal Navy flagship for the project, which is supported by the Chief of the Defence Staff and the First Sea Lord. SAS personnel employed on counter terrorism duties would be based aboard, while the vessel’s hangars would provide ample space to support police, fire, ambulance and river rescue services.

In addition to providing landing spots for military and Metropolitan Police helicopters, the vessel’s flight deck could also be made available as a commercial heliport.

The ship, which would be moored in the Pool of London, could also act as a conference centre and tourist facility both during the games and afterwards.