Bahrain Grand Prix postponed until 2009

P1 racing at new Middle Eastern venue delayed 12 months

Extensive discussions between the organisers of the Powerboat P1 World Championship and senior officials in the Kingdom of Bahrain have resulted in the postponement of the inaugural Bahrain Grand Prix of the Sea due to be held in November. The event will now take place in 2009.

Jim O’Toole, Chief Executive of Powerboat P1 explained:

“We’ve reluctantly decided that it is no longer feasible to stage our 2008 season finale in Bahrain. However, we are now in negotiation with the key stakeholders to decide the best date and venue for next year’s Grand Prix. This will allow Powerboat P1 and the Kingdom of Bahrain to showcase the island and what it has to offer a worldwide audience.”

The Powerboat P1 World Championship moves to Vigo on September 12-14, followed by the Portuguese Grand Prix of the Sea in Portimao on 26-28 September