Bangor lifeboat called out as anchored boat drifts toward rocks

The Bangor lifeboat responded after a stricken boat continued to drift toward rocks despite dropping anchor

RNLI Bangor was called into action to assist a boatowner who continued to drift onto rocks after dropping his anchor.

The 22ft motorboat dropped anchor following an engine failure, but due to a strong onshore breeze the privately-owned vessel continued to drift towards Mackerel Rocks in Belfast Lough.

RNLI helmsman Andrew Gredge responded to the call and towed the boat to Bangor Marina. He later described the situation as “very dangerous”.

“The man had done his best to save himself by dropping an anchor after the engine failed, but because of the extremely high winds he was blown onto a dangerous rocky area,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

“Accidents such as this occur maybe 50 times a year at an estimate. A good anchor and heavy ground chain should always be carried as part of essential safety equipment.”

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Mr Gredge advised boatowners to ensure that their electrical systems and engine are well maintained and in full working order.