Barefoot Bandit’s escape boat goes on sale

Bullet-ridden speedboat offered on Ebay

The bullet-ridden speedboat on which the Barefoot Bandit was finally caught has been offered for sale on Ebay.

See the Barefoot Bandit boat auction page

Starting bids of $80,000 were invited for the 32ft Intrepid, while a price of $110,000 would have secured the eight-year-old boat outright. However, the auction did not attract any bids.

Bahamas police officers shot out the boat’s outboard engines after it had been stolen by Colton Harris-Moore, who had been sought by the law for more than two years.

He gained his nickname after allegedly carrying out a number of crimes without wearing shoes.

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“It’s just something I don’t want any more,” said William Sport, the boat’s owner.

The boat is described on Ebay as “a collector’s item and could be sold to, or used in the movie that is surely coming”.