Bavaria to offer Axius on entire petrol range

All Bavaria motorboats from the 27 to 37 will be offered with new sterndrive system

Bavaria has become the second major European boatbuilder after Sealine to offer the new Axius drive system on its boats.

The German builder, which was recently taken over by a private equity firm, said all its models from the 27 to the 37 will be available with Cummins MerCruiser’s innovative new sterndrive system.

The technology can only currently be applied to petrol versions of the above boats, but plans are afoot, as reported in December’s MBM, to bring out diesel sterndrives with Axius by early next summer.

The Axius system basically means twin sterndrives work in tandem, but independently of each other to give a combined thrust that pushes the boat in the direction you point a helm-mounted joystick.

Bavaria said it took the decision to offer Axius because of “various difficulties and problems with Volvo engines in the past year”.

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“With this we can secure another competitive advantage and serve the steadily growing number of ‘newcomers’ with an easy to handle and functional docking system,” a dealer statement said.

To read more about Axius, see December’s MBM.

Photo: How Axius works