BBC presenter completes pipe raft voyage

Anthony Smith's charity trip across the Atlantic on a raft made of gas and water pipes is deemed a success

Adventurer and BBC presenter Anthony Smith has crossed the Atlantic on a raft made of water pipes.

Smith and his crew of three made the journey for the Water Aid charity on a raft made of two-metre lengths of water and gas pipes and powered by only a 40ft mast and 400 sq ft sail.

They set sail from the raft’s assembly point on the quay in Valle Gran Rey in the Canaries on a voyage set to last 70 days, spanning a distance of 2800 miles.

The team’s aim was to raise 50 000 for charity and highlight the desperate need for all of us around the world to have access to clean water.

The raft was composed of four main water pipes and measures only 20ft long, with just one indoor cabin fashioned out of a modified animal shelter and built of wood and corrugated stainless steel.

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Two types of steering were fitted to the raft, one being the twin rudders at the stern and two oar mounting points to assist. The simple raft was equipped, however, with state of the art navigational equipment, all powered through solar panels.

The journey ended on 6 April after 66 days at sea in Simpson Bay on the island of St Maarten.