Bear Grylls’ ultimate 4×4 RIB

Bear Grylls launches new line of over-engineered RIBs

Have you ever thought your boat isn’t man enough? Well this week Bear Grylls is in Miami to launch his new range of RIBs.

According to his website, Grylls says that his adventures have “taught me a lot about what really matters in a seagoing RIB – and my hunt to find the ultimate in robust, soft riding, easy handling and rugged over-engineered reliability has been littered with many broken vessels that failed to stand up to the task!”
To show how serious Grylls is, his line of BG RIBs have aluminium hulls, the tubes and seats are made from solid watertight foam and the electronics are designed to withstand constant storm conditions.

The company building the boats is Dutch based Madera RIBs, which usually build commercial and military workboats, with current customers including the British Police and Navy. The company claim to make their boats indestructible, with one of the design features being that its boats have a very high freeboard and small tubes, leaving us wondering if maybe they are more work boat with a large rubbing strip than RIB.

Prices are available on request, but we suspect that “over-engineered” suggests if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Visit the website here