Bees force boaters to buzz off

Kent boaters abandon ship after bee incident

Boaters were forced to abandon two motoryachts on the River Stour on Sunday after their vessels were attacked by a swarm of bees. The boats were rafted up at Newerton Mess, between Mistley and Parkeston, when thousands of bees appeared and began searching for a place to nest.

“They were coming out of the grills and vents”, said Brian Connolly, the owner of one of the boats, “the cushions were black with bees”. Mr Connolly, his wife, and their two friends from the neighbouring boat, managed to launch a tender and made their escape.

Harwich inshore lifeboat was called out and, having established that no injuries or stings had been reported, used a fire hose to disperse the bees nest. The boaters were then able to reboard their boats and make their way back to the marina for further assistance.


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