Best boating photos from around the world

In this week's roundup of the best boating photos, emergency workers deal with a fatal helicopter crash on New York's East River and it's open season on sharks in French waters


It’s time for another global look at life on the water as this week’s photos take us from New York to Taiwan, France and New Delhi, India.

New York was left reeling after a helicopter carrying five passengers crashed into the East River shortly after taking off on 34th Street Heliport. One woman was killed in the crash, which saw a flotilla of police and emergency workers working at the crash site just 50 yards from the shore. The pilot and three other passengers survived.

Jose Reyes, a doorman at a nearby apartment building, told The New York Times: “I saw the helicopter start to spin, and then it went down. Three seconds, then boom.”

Also this week, secret military tunnels are opened up as tourist attractions near Taiwan, and French fishermen go on a shark hunt following the death of former bodyboarding champion Mathieu Schiller.

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