Biscay boating: new feature, videos and galleries

Catch up with the latest video and read the new feature in this month's MBM as John and Fionn's Biscay boating adventure reaches Spain

In the May 2013 issue of MBM, our intrepid cruisng duo have descended the Bay of Biscay and find themselves in northern Spain on the next leg of their Biscay boating voyage.

See the moment the pair enter Spanish Biscay of watch the latest Biscay boating video.

View photos of the cruise so far as John and Fionn cruise through French Biscay and Spanish Biscay.

For the third feature in The Great Motorboat Tour Biscay, in which the duo motor from Capbreton to Hondarribia, see the May 2013 issue of MBM, in the shops 18 April.