Boat Showrooms’ brokerage section is still “up and running”

Despite growing speculation that Boat Showrooms has folded, its brokerage section is still very much alive, according to a Shepperton-based broker

Speculation that the Boat Showrooms dealership had folded went into overdrive last month when it was revealed that Boat Showrooms Ltd had gone into liquidation.

Visitors to the Boat Showrooms’ website were further confused when the homepage made mention of the company’s appearance at this year’s London Boat Show.
However, MBM can now reveal that while Boat Showrooms Ltd – which was responsible for new boat sales of the likes of Grand Banks, Fleming and Corvette – has ceased trading, its splinter companies are still operating.

Giles Ball, broker at Shepperton Marina Ltd, where Boat Showrooms of London is based, said “Boat Showrooms’ brokerage section is still very much up and running.”

According to Ball there are still three companies operating under the Boat Showrooms name: Boat Showrooms of London, Boat Showrooms of Harleyford and Boat Showrooms of Hamble.

Ball was also optimistic that the Hamble branch would be involved with new boats again in the future.