Boater loses foot in propeller accident on River Ouse

A boater lost his foot in a tragic accident near St Neots on the River Ouse on Saturday

A 65-year-old man from Stevenage has lost his foot following a horrific accident on the River Ouse.

The man had been boating with friends when he fell overboard from their boat at Eynesbury, and his foot was severed when he caught it in the boat’s propeller.

He was pulled back aboard where Magpas Helimedix paramedics, who arrived on scene at 6.42pm, treated him by administering analgesics, controlling the bleeding using a tourniquet, and giving him antibiotics. An ambulance then transferred him to Addenbrooke’s Hospital where his condition was described as serious.

His wife, who had a laceration to her forehead, was treated by the ambulance crew on the scene. “The pleasant day out for this man and his wife ended in tragedy with this awful incident”, said Magpas’s Dr Anne Booth, “We were able to prevent him losing more blood and to relieve his pain, we wish both the patients a swift recovery.”

Magpas Helimedix is an emergency medical charity run by a team of volunteers.