Boaters asked for help against aliens

Boat owners asked to help tackle non-native sea life

Boat owners are being asked for their help in combating non-native species of sea life invading UK waters. Cornwall Wildlife Trust says some of the foreign species may threaten British marine life and that volunteers from the boating community would contribute vital scientific data by helping to identify the aliens.

The Trust wants boat owners with access to pontoons to place a test panel below the water at all states of the tide to attract sea life for a period of up to 10 weeks. They would then be asked to inspect the panel to see what has started growing.

The survey would help to establish what non-native species have moved into waters in the south west, and determine which ones may cause problems for British species. Boat owners wishing to take part should contact Cornwall Wildlife Trust via its website,, but are reminded not to attach test panels to pontoons in a marina without first getting permission from the marina owners.