Boaters’ chance to comment on DEFRA cuts

You can speak face-to-face with Parliamentary Committee on 16 April

The House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee’s British Waterways Sub-committee is inviting “interested individuals” to a public hearing at the National Waterways Museum, Gloucester, on Monday 16 April.

Areas the Sub-committee is interested in include:

* current users of the waterway network and their relationships with British Waterways

* the financial framework of British Waterways and the impact of changes in Defra’s budget

* recent developments in the stewardship work and commercial activities of British Waterways, including its property portfolio

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* potential for growth in leisure and freight use of the waterways network

* relationships between British Waterways and central Government departments, Regional Development Agencies and local authorities.

In order to have your say, you will need to provide a short written submission to the inquiry by 15 March 2007.

For full details of the inquiry, and how to contribute to it, click here .

Picture: © Parliamentary copyright