Boaters get behind the Big Splash

With only weeks to go before the motorboating social event of the year, one couple tell us why they wouldn't miss it for the world

It’s just three weeks until this summer’s inaugural Big Splash event, which promises to be the motorboating social event of the calendar, and MBM aren’t the only ones looking forward to it.

Sealine T60 owners Clive and Vicky Nightingale said they were overwhelmed by the itinerary of events at the motorboat rally in Cowes, which includes cookery displays and an on-the-water treasure hunt.

Clive said, “With welcome drinks, fancy dress, a Caribbean BBQ, a steel band, limbo dancing and a disco, the Big Splash sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

“We’ll be there – try stopping us – and once we started telling our friends about it they all wanted to come, at the last count there were 15 boats that wanted to join us.”

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