Britain to host round of the World Formula 2 championship

First time event allocated to UK in over ten years

The National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham is to host the fourth round of the 2012 UIM World Formula 2 Powerboat Championship on September 15-16, the first time in over a decade a round of the series has been held in Britain.

With speeds potentially reaching in excess of 200km/h, this action-packed class of inland circuit racing is fast becoming one of the most high-profile, professional forms of motorsport due to it being a ‘stock engine class’.

The rule keeps the financial running costs to a minimum and ensures success comes to the most talented and knowledgeable drivers.

Some 24 drivers are expected to compete over the race weekend in September, with Britain fielding a strong fleet.

powerboat racing manager John Puddifoot said: “2012 is going to be a fantastic year for sport in Britain. Taking powerboat racing back to Nottingham at this level will really showcase our sport and achievements to a global audience.”

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