Bryher coastguard at half capacity

Coastguards recruit volunteers to smallest island in Isle of Scilly

The coastguard on the island of Bryher has put out a request to volunteers to join their small team and double their workforce.

The smallest inhabited island in the Isle of Scilly, with just 78 residents, currently has just two people running the station following a retirement and relocation of previous volunteers, but to run at full potential the station needs at least four.

In a story posted on the BBC website Mark Thomas, MCA sector manager, was quoted as saying, “It is a bit of a concern right now because we have the summer season approaching and we want to get the team up to full strength.”

He also said that because of the size of the team, neighbouring stations on the island of Tresco also attend any maritime incident.  

The island, which is a total of just 330 acres, is one of five islands that make up the Isles of Scilly.