Bullet-ridden motor yacht mystery

A 45ft motoryacht has been found off the coast of Corsica with bullet holes in its hull and open portholes

Mystery surrounds a 45ft motoryacht that was found half sunk with bullet holes in its hull and its portholes open. Boats cruising off the northern coast of Corsica spotted the Italian-registered yacht in danger of sinking, and a police boat and lifeboat were called to the scene.

They found that the motoryacht, whose name was reported to be Veduevidue, was already nearly full of water, but divers ventured inside and confirmed that nobody was aboard. Air bags were used to stabilise the yacht, which was salvaged and taken to Calvi for inspection.

Police discovered that in addition to the bullet holes in the front of its hull, its radio equipment was missing and they are now trying to contact the yacht’s owner. According to police, no reports have been received of the boat being stolen and they have speculated that the yacht may have come under attack, or that it may have been part of an attempted insurance fraud.