Buzzi Bullet ruled out

The Buzzi designed Buzzi Bullet 2 declared ineligible for P1 SuperSport.

Buzzi Bullet 2, the Fabio Buzzi designed Rib piloted by Britons Drew Langdon and Jan Falkowski, has been deemed ineligible to race in the SuperSport class of the Powerboat P1 World Championship. The decision, taken by the P1 Technical Compliance Committee, follows an inspection of the new craft in response to the team’s application to race P1 in 2006.

One of the key ingredients in the success of P1 has been the development of a clear set of sporting rules and regulations that are fair, enforceable and encourage competition. Investment from hull and engine manufacturers, teams and sponsors has followed and their continued involvement will be largely determined by consistent enforcement of these rules.

The Buzzi Bullet team have been a great supporter of the Powerboat P1 World Championship and one of the leading contenders in SuperSport,” explains Steve Lydon, Secretary of the P1 TCC. “It is therefore with great regret that we have had to make this decision but, clearly, the boat does not conform to the regulations. Buzzi Bullet is a race and not a production boat and enforcement of the rules is essential if we are to build a strong and credible World Championship. We enjoy working with the Buzzi Bullet team and have told them that we would happily consider the eligibility of the boat within the Evolution class.”

The main areas of concern related to the eligibility of the boat as a standard production model. The P1 TCC decided it was a racing boat and not a leisure craft. There was no evidence of any strategy to produce the craft commercially for domestic sale.

On Friday (30th June), Team Owner Drew Langdon made an application to the High Court in London for an order that would enable them to race in Germany on 1st and 2nd July pending an appeal which the Buzzi Bullet team has indicated that it is to make. However, the application was rejected and costs awarded against Mr. Langdon.