Calling all mechanically minded theatre lovers

Britain's only touring theatre ship is in need of an engineer

Britain’s only touring theatre ship, the Fitzcarraldo, is short one engineer.

And Walk the Plank, the organisation that owns the vessel, is desperate to find the right person for the job before its busy summer season.

The successful applicant will live and work aboard the ship, along with a troupe of actors.

This year’s production is Noah’s Ark, which will be taken by the Fitzcarraldo, an ex-Norwegian ferry, to 17 ports all over the UK.

Before the show wraps, the ship will have covered 4000 nautical miles and used 30,000 tonnes of fuel.

For more information about Walk the Plank, visit this website, or to find out about the job, email

The tour visits: Ballycastle, Portrush, Derry, Liverpool, Lerwick-Shetland, Lochinver, Kirkcudbright, Northwich, Glasgow River Festival, Larne, Gloucester, Dover, Topsham, Oban, Maryport and Whitehaven