Five-part Camel Estuary speed limit scrapped

Padstow Harbour Commission has gone back to the drawing board after being advised that its Camel Estuary speed limit plans are too complicated

Plans for a five-part Camel Estuary speed limit have been scrapped after the harbour commissioners’ lawyers advised that it was too complicated.

The proposed zones (pictured above) were unveiled in February and would have gradually raised the speed limit from 5 knots to 40 knots at various points along the estuary.

And while this could have been introduced by updating a local by-law, solicitors have warned that it would be difficult to enforce.

As a result, Padstow Harbour Commissioners have called a special meeting for September to decide how best to proceed with the matter.

Harbourmaster Rob Atkinson told the Cornish Guardian: “It is frustrating, because we don’t actually want to prosecute anybody.

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“We’re just trying to recognise that there is a wide range of interest groups using the harbour, and that it’s going to be impossible to please everybody,” he added. “But clearly something has to be done, because we’ve had some very near misses.”

Mr Atkinson added that any future proposals for a Camel Estuary speed limit would be subjected to a public consultation process.