Canal users to be charged during the Olympic Games

British Waterways are charging for boaters to use some of London canals during the Olympics

British Waterways, the authority behind the canals, have said that they will be charging canal users during the Games.

The Metropolitan Police will work closely with local authorities and close many of the waterways which lead directly to the Olympic Village, but the remaining open ones will be for fee paying boaters only.

The Olympic area which will incur charges starting at £50 a week, will run from Little Venice to Lea Bridge Road.

There are around 3,500 ‘continuous boaters’ who move on a regular basis to avoid having to pay berthing costs on the waterways. During the Olympics these boaters will be forced to leave the area to make way for fee paying boaters.

A spokesperson from British Waterways told MBM, “We realise continuous cruisers will be displaced, but we have identified a number of free berths outside of the Olympic area. We assure current paying berth holders will not be affected.”