Captain of Condor Vitesse is taken off operational duties

Both the captain and the chief officer of the ferry that collided with a French fishing boat on Monday, killing one man, have been taken off active duties

The Condor Vitesse hit the French fishing boat Les Marquises as it was travelling from St Malo to St Helier on Monday in thick fog.

Phillippe Claude Lesaulnier, one of the fisherman on board Les Marquises, died as a result of the incident and French authorities and Jersey Police have both launched investigations.

 of Condor

 “Following the incident on Monday we have launched a thorough internal investigation as well as cooperating with the various authorities.

“The captain and chief officer, who were on board the ship, are not performing any operational duties.”

The Condor Vitesse entered Portsmouth dry dock yesterday morning where it is to undergo repairs. It is expected to resume duties tomorrow.