Carbon neutral, 900hp, 80-knots, 45 foot and all in a £550,000 tender. Greenpeace will love it

The Emax Super Marine 45 borrows technology from the Mercedes-Benz S Class Bluerec, allowing it to be carbon neutral (at low speeds)

Solar panels are said to be able to power the Emax Super Marine 45 up to speeds of 25 knots without the twin Cummins MerCruiser Diesel 4.2 V8s firing up. But once they do, the Emax will cruise at 55 knots and reach 80 knots – if you’re brave enough.

The Super Marine can seat 10 people either as a underused water taxi or an exhilarating adventure machine. For longer trips there is a shower room, double bed and kitchenette.

Emax says that recreational boats in the US produce around 330 million tonnes of CO2 annually, and that by switching to Emaz Solar Hybrid propulsion could reduce the figure by half.

Good try, but whether or not Emax will put a stop to global warming remains to be seen…