CGI Finance launches boat financing quote website

Buyers looking for boat financing have been given a new option with the launch of a quote website from CGI Finance

Boat financing options can be hard to track down, with many lenders getting out of the market in recent years, but a new website hopes to help buyers get a quick quote online.

CGI Finance aims to give buyers a quick and accurate quote for their boat financing needs.

Terms range from 4-15 years with both fixed and variable APR options, and all the buyer needs to do to get a quote is input their boat’s age, price and type (power or sail).

Quotes are then delivered with the longest terms and lowest deposits available, but buyers can adjust the terms to suit their preference before having a copy of the quote e-mailed to them.

Part of the Societe Generale Group, CGI Finance is the largest boat financing company in Europe, and is a financial partner of Bavaria, Princess Yachts, Jeanneau and Bénéteau.

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The company helped 73,000 clients get finance last year, but the new website hopes to increase that number for 2015.

A statement from CGI Finance, said: “Withdrawal from the marine market of some of the UK’s major finance companies over recent years has significantly complicated financing solutions for leisure boats.

“The new system helps the potential owners to get afloat, in the boat of their dreams, with the minimum of hassle.”

To find out more or get a boat financing quote, visit: