Chester Boat Hire denies homophobia accusations

The motorboat rental company has spoken out against allegations of bigotry

The owner of Chester Boat Hire has categorically denied the recent accusations of homophobia levelled at his company.

Paul Eeles spoke to MBM after reports surfaced in the Warrington Guardian, suggesting that an employee had refused to hire a boat to a same sex couple.

“We are looking into it, but if something went wrong then it was an error,” he said.

“We are entirely happy for anybody to come to us – all couples of any type are more than welcome on our boats.”

It is not unusual for boat companies to prevent all-male or all-female parties from hiring boats, or at least increase the level of insurance needed.

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However, this rule is normally only enacted to stop stag or hen parties from taking to the water while intoxicated.

Mr Eeles confirmed that this gender-based rule has nothing to do with sexuality and denied that his company is homophobic.

Sian and Angela Percival-Edwards, who have been married for 18 months, took their complaint to the local news provider after a bad experience on 5 May.

Mr Eeles added that he has contacted the couple in question and offered to ensure that they got on a boat should they wish to return.