Class 1 supremo calls for tougher offshore courses

Spirit of Qatar team leader keen to revive genuine offshore racing

Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani, president of the Qatar Marine Sports Federation, has called for Class 1 races to be held further offshore “where they belong”.

Al-Thani runs the Spirit of Qatar team, who will have two boats racing in the Class 1 season opener in March, with himself and Britain’s Steve Curtis in Spirit of Qatar 96.

He has switched the first event of the season in Doha from the relative calm of

Doha Bay to a new base at the Pearl of Qatar, which should produce rougher conditions.

“The courses need to suit these big boats. Class 1 catamarans are not

intended to run on courses designed for small circuit boats.

“They should

race offshore where they belong. In the past we have often competed in

severe weather conditions with large waves and it’s on these occasions

the less ultimate speedsters come into their own.”

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