Class 1 teams testing new engine torque sensor

New technology aims to revive the largest offshore powerboat racing class

Class 1 offshore race officials are confident that the introduction of an engine torque sensor will help improve the sport following a period of unrest and decline.

With the opening round of the 2011 series in Abu Dhabi on April 13-15, several teams have already been testing at Dubai’s International Marine Club.

All have been using the now-compulsory torque sensor recently introduced by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), the sport’s world governing body.

The sensor is fitted to the driveshaft between the engine and the props and records a variety of data: rpm, speed, torque and horsepower. Information recorded during testing or in a race is then downloaded.

A software programme deciphers and evaluates the engine parameters and performance at any given point and can show whether or not the boat is running within the agreed regulations.

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