Coastguard closures spark sinking reactions

Reactions are already flooding in about the closure of eight different coastguard stations around the UK

The news earlier that the government intends to move forward with plans to reduce the number of coastguard stations from 18 to 10 has already sparked reactions.

Paraplegic sailor, Robert Boyd, who was rescued by Brixham Coastguard when his boat overturned during the Dartmouth Regatta in August, told the BBC that the closure of Brixham was “totally unnecessary.”

Describing his rescue, Boyd said, “Brixham coordinated everything right from the outset.

“I’m told I was underwater for about four minutes and was close to death. It was vital I got to hospital and they were brilliant.”

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Announcing the closure of a number of stations, including Brixham in Devon, the shipping minister, Mike Penning, said that the coastguard would be “better coordinated” as a result.

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