Company claims diesel bug fix

A specialist fuel company from Burton upon Trent claims it has developed a system to banish diesel bug

Fuelcare says that changes in biodiesel and sulphur content of modern fuel are increasing the likelihood of microbiological fuel contamination, known as diesel bug, on motorboats. In response, the company has developed what it says is the world’s first biocide injection system to prevent the problem. 

Fuelcare is installing its new system in an 81m superyacht that will act as a test bed. Initially the technology is aimed at large motorboats, but commentators foresee the technology trickling down into the production market. Oliver Rumford-Warr, managing director of Fuelcare said: “Fuel quality is worsening and is no longer homogenous. Some of the big charter destinations have some of the lowest-quality fuels in the world, with inconsistent housekeeping procedures and differing local storage practices. 

The Fuelcare Marine Bunker Injection System injects an additive when fuel is bunkered, with fuel pressure driving a turbine to inject a precise, consistent stream of a leading biocide. The Fuelcare product uses cutting-edge microbial technology intended to both prevent and cure diesel bug.