Countdown to Southampton: Fleming

The Fleming 58 will make its UK debut at the show

The Fleming 58 is not radically different from what we have seen before from this yard. It is a handsome globetrotter with a tough semi-displacement hull and class oozing from every pore.

Not many yards combine the best-of-both-worlds cruising quite as well as Fleming. The 58 is just as adept at fuel-efficient displacement cruising as it is dashing for cover at speeds in the late teens.

Tony Fleming’s shakedown cruises on new models are famously rigorous and the 58, with its optional bulb on the bow and fin stabilisers, will see you safely through even when there’s green water breaking over it.

There are three cabins below decks, the master being a full-beam affair amidships, while the pilothouse, extended flybridge and Portuguese bridge are pure Fleming.

See it on berth M537.

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