Skeleton crew and MAIB investigators board Hoegh Osaka

Investigators from the Marine Accident Investigations Branch and a skeleton crew have boarded the Hoegh Osaka in preparation for the trip back to Southampton

A team of investigators from the Marine Accident Investigations Branch (MAIB) has boarded the stricken car carrier Hoegh Osaka.

They were joined yesterday (21 January) by a skeleton crew who will attempt to tow the vessel from Alpha Anchorage back to the Port of Southampton at 15:45 today.

This development comes after salvage firm Svitzer reduced the list of the Hoegh Osaka to 5 degrees by pumping more than 2,000 tonnes of water out of the repaired hull.

During the three-hour return voyage, the Coastguard will be enforcing a one-mile restricted airspace zone either side of the navigation route.

An MAIB investigation into the cause of the list is underway, with officials gathering information on-board the Hoegh Osaka, however their findings are unlikely to be published for several months.

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The Hoegh Osaka has now been at sea for 19 days and made headlines across the world when it was intentionally grounded on Bramble Bank on 3 January after developing a 45-degree list.