Crocodile bites a chunk out of motorboat

Two Australian fishermen got a fright when a crocodile bit a hole in their boat

Graeme Pell and his son Cain were fishing from their aluminium motorboat on the Marrakai floodplain, about 18 miles south east of Darwin, when they felt something hit the hull.

Graeme Pell saw the 13ft long saltwater crocodile as they motored away, but water started flooding in and they had to beach their craft on a nearby mudbank. They found a hole below the waterline large enough to put two fingers through, but carried out emergency repairs using bandages to plug the hole.

This sufficed to allow them to motor back to the Adelaide River Bridge where the boat was

recovered for a more permanent repair.

“Standing on the bank was very scary, we were in the croc’s element,” said 33-year-old Cain Pell, “We were glad to get out of there.”