Design for underwater superyacht revealed

Plans have been unveiled for a futuristic underwater yacht

Imagine a boat that could dive beneath the waves and explore the murky depths of the sea bed. Sounds impossible? Not so: plans have been unveiled for a futuristic submersible yacht that can do just that.


The concept design is the brainchild of Genoa-based Marina Colombo and Sebastian Vida, and is aimed at the top end of the luxury yacht market.

Undersea Yacht U-101 would be powered by diesel engines when running on the surface but would switch to electric motors when submerged. The interior of the 66.5m-long boat would cover a surface area of more than 700m².

Whether the boat ever sees the light of day or remains just a concept is open to question. Construction would present a huge engineering challenge, and it would most likely have to be built entirely of composites, carbon fibre and aerospace alloys – and the cost would be astronomical.

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