Dickies deliver to your door

Free delivery to Northern Europe

Dickies International have announced that they will deliver all boats bought for over £20,000 to anywhere in Northern Europe for free.

The new campaign comes in reaction to the weak pound which has lead to over 70% of their sales going to destinations in Northern Europe during the last 5 months.

Brighton sales manager Russell Heath says: “We at Dickies feel that in order to make it as easy as possible for European buyers to buy from us we will arrange free of charge delivery of any stock boat to anywhere in Europe.

“With the current Pound Euro shift this has opened up an attractive market for any European buyer looking at boats in the UK. We at Dickies International have the expertise and experience to deal with the additional complications involved in overseas sales. This combined with our free delivery offer will enable us to continue to build on our strong European sales of secondhand boats”

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