Drunk Russian skipper crashes ship

100m vessel hits lock twice in Hull, UK

Viatcheslav Poleshchuk was in charge of the 100m (328ft) cargo ship, RMS Baerl, when it struck the lock gates at Goole, near Hull.

When he was arrested by police, the court hear that he asked, “Can I have another go?”
The 44 year old man was found to have 157mg of alcohol in is blood, nearly four and a half
times the UK limit.

Weighing in at over 3,000 tonnes, RMS Baerl was loaded with scrap alluminum when it struck the lock gates, not once but twice.

Judge Michael Mettyear told the Russian, “It is outrageous
to be in charge of a vessel like this while over the drink limit.”

Poleshchuk has lost his master’s certificate and is being
held in custody until his sentencing next week, which, according to Judge
Mettyear, is likely to be custodial.