Dublin City Moorings closed until 2010

Dublin City Moorings have been forced to close to make way for a brand new bridge on the River Liffey

Dublin City Moorings will remain closed until work on a new bridge on the River Liffey is completed.

The Samuel Beckett Bridge , designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava Valls, who also designed Dublin’s James Joyce Bridge, is positioned between the Sean O’Casey Bridge and the East Link Bridge on the River Liffey and is due to be fully working by early next year. The steel superstructure was constructed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and transported all the way to Dublin in a project estimated to cost just under ?60m.

Once working, the bridge will be capable of rotating through an angle of 90 degrees between an open and closed position to facilitate maritime traffic but it is still not certain what effect this will have on navigation.

Dublin City Moorings are located in the centre of Dublin in Custom House Quay. A spokesperson from Dublin Docklands said that although the bridge is a swinging bridge they would have to wait until the work is completed to assess if it is still safe for boats to navigate into the city centre.

Visit our gallery to view more photos of the Samuel Beckett Bridge .

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