Earthrace founder Pete Bethune to star in nine-part reality TV show

The Operatives has been billed as Captain Planet meets James Bond, with Pete Bethune set to take a starring role

Nautical pioneer and conversationist Pete Bethune has announced details of his latest Earthrace project.

A nine-part reality TV show will see Pete and a team of former Special Forces commandos turned conservationists tackle the issue of illegal fishing in Costa Rica.

The show is due to be aired in New Zealand later this year under the title ‘The Operatives’ and Pete is hopeful that it will attract worldwide attention.

“We kicked some ass and what emerged was a really compelling TV series that we hope will set a bench-mark for issue-based television,” Pete wrote in his quarterly Earthrace newsletter.

Billed as Captain Planet meets James Bond, the series sees the hardened commandos releasing endangered baby turtles into the sea.

Pete will be returning to Costa Rica in August to continue his conservation efforts and give evidence in court against the illegal fisherman caught on camera by his film crew.

Pete Bethune shot to fame in 2007 when his attempt to circumnavigate the globe in MV Earthrace, a biodiesel-powered multihull powerboat, ended in a crash with a Japanese whaling ship.

The trimaran completed the 23,797nm voyage on her second attempt in 2008, setting a new world record of 60 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes.