Earthrace through canal after fees U-turn

British Waterways decides not to charge biofuel boat £600

Canny Scots were the first to try and charge the crew of round-the-world powerboat Earthrace when it pulled into Inverness.

Crew aboard the biofuelled-powered trimaran were asked to stump up over £600 by British Waterways to cross Scotland though the Caledonian Canal.

Skipper Pete Bethune said: “We have been through the canals at Suez and Panama and berthed at ports all over the world and this is the first time we have been asked to pay a lock fee.”

But senior staff at British Waterways eventually relented when they heard their plight and allowed the boat free passage.

Earthrace is currently on a tour of the UK to help publicise another attempt on the round-the-world record next year.

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