End of the World: Boat preparation checklist

Last-minute guide to help you through that tricky Mayan forecast

MBM arrives like some heaven-sent Boat Safety Scheme inspector, who has admittedly got stuck in Christmas traffic heading out of London, to rescue you from the jaws of Mayan prophecy and deliver into boating sanctuary. At the time of writing we are unsure whether the End of the World will be hot or cold but we are confident most outcomes are covered.

Follow our definitely-not-RYA-approved EOW checklist and you and your boat will probably make it through this storm largely unaffected.


  • Replace all mooring lines with steel cables
  • Glue shore power lead in place
  • Deploy anchors fore and aft
  • Put out extra fenders and no mooring alongside notice
  • Check TV antenna fixings are secure
  • Remove canopy, replace with corregated steel cover (roll-bar optional)
  • Panic-buy cable ties
  • Panic-buy fuel
  • Panic-buy duck tape
  • Panic-buy WD-40 (other brands of oil-based lubricants are available)
  • Panic-buy tinned mince
  • Panic-buy gin
  • Invite two of every local animal species aboard
  • Panic-buy pet food
  • Tune-in to VHF Channel 16
  • Take out digital subscription to MBM to avoid probable postal service collapse