Exxon Valdez sold for scrap

The oil tanker that caused one of the world's worst ever oil spills, has been sold for scrap


, the oil tanker that caused one of the world’s worst ever oil spills,

has been sold for scrap. Around 11 million gallons of oil gushed from the

tanker after she struck rocks in Alaska’s Prince William Sound in March 1989,

coating miles of environmentally sensitive coastline and killing thousands of

sea birds

The massive clean-up

operation launched by Exxon and the US Coast Guard eventually involved more

than 11,000 Alaskan residents and thousands of Exxon and contractor personnel,

cost $4.3 billion, and took three years to complete.


213,000-tonne tanker, which was only three years old at the time of her

grounding, was refloated after the

incident, repaired, and re-entered service under the new name Exxon Mediterranean.

She underwent

further name changes before being sold to Hong Kong-based owners in 2008.


was converted to an ore carrier and renamed Dong

Fang Ocean
, but at the age of 26, has been deemed uneconomic and is destined

for the breakers’ torches.