Fainfast wins opening round

The first round of the P1 World championship in Malta was won by Italian Marco Pennesi

The opening round of the P1 World Offshore championship in Malta on Saturday was won by the Italian diesel powered Fainfast driven by Marco Pennesi in the Evolution class.
Fainfast led the large fleet heading round the island almost from the start. Despite moderate sea conditions it slowly moved further ahead to complete the circumnavigation in 41 minutes, seven minutes outside the record time set two years ago.
Second place was taken 90 seconds later by the defending world P1 champion, Giancarlo Cangiano, driving the gasoline engine powered OSG that found conditions less than favourable on the long seaward leg. Third slot was filled by Wettpunkt.Com, another diesel boat, driven by veteran Hannes Bohinc from Austria together with his regular British crew, Miles Jennings and Ed Williams-Hawkes.