Fairline Esprit: does hybrid idea signal a new direction for boatbuilder?

The British boatbuilder Fairline has come up with a new concept boat, the Esprit, which uses hybrid power and is available in bowrider and dayboat versions

The big news of the London Boat Show thus far is undoubtedly Fairline’s announcement that it has a new 30ft concept boat on the horizon, the Esprit, which if it comes to fruition will be available in both bowrider and dayboat versions.

Both models show leanings towards eco-credentials, with solar panels and hybrid power, courtesy of a single diesel prop 400hp outdrive coupled to an electric motor.

At the moment the project is just a series of ideas that are “embracing what the future of boating could be,” according to Andrew Pope, Fairline’s design manager.

Pope said: “We are just dipping our toes in the water to see what people get excited about and where people want us to go.”

Pope envisages that should the boats come to light the price point will be in the region of £100k-£150k, although this is just a rough estimate at this stage.