Fiat Powertrain present prize for overall effort

Italian competitor Fabio Buzzi, winner of the 1984 Round Britain and favoured to win the current race starting tomorrow (Saturday) from Portsmouth, made a surprise announcement at Thursday’s pre-race briefing.
Speaking on behalf of his sponsor, Fiat Powertrain, the Italian ace produced an impressive silver chalice for presentation to the competitor, regardless of class, showing a distinct improvement in performance over the course between Inverness and Portsmouth. The comparison will be made against the average speed achieved for the outward half the race from Portsmouth, via Bangor to Oban in Scotland.
“Although my boat is extremely fast I feel it only right that an incentive should be offered to those who have perhaps gone to greater lengths to take part. To me this is one of the greatest offshore events in recent years and as a designer/builder I am certain lessons will be learned benefiting the marine industry as a whole. My sponsors, Fiat Powertrain, share this belief and feel this prize will do much to encourage others to enter the sport.”
As well as the impressive chalice the winner will also received the latest model Fiat 500 car worth in excess of £12,000