Find your perfect sportster

Many a sportsboat has passed through MBM's expert hands, we've picked out seven crackers for going at it full throttle

Whether you’re after a streamlined speed queen or a luxurious cruiser with the necessary welly to take you away from it all, check out the gallery or read these reviews of our favourite sportsers.

Built for speed

Linetti 27.5 – It’s like strapping yourself into a chic rocket but this unabashed speed queen has got us believing that life begins at 50 (knots).

Stylish Italian

Sessa C38 – A bright, stylish and very cool take on sportscruiser design from this Italian builder.


Marino APB 27 – Is this well-rounded model from Marino all the boat you’ll ever need?

On a budget

Monterey 375 – This is a boat looking to make a name for itself with a small price tag that claims to include, well, everything…

Flipper 705 – A hardtop day cruiser that offers a cracking mix of style and substance.

Blow the budget

Beneteau Monte Carlo 42 – Bénéteau has Fairline and Sessa firmly in its sights with this sublime sportscruiser…

Princess V45 – Sterndrives, performance and good looks make the Princess V45 a winner.

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